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Rage Boy makes al-Guardian

Our friends from TNOYF have made it into al-Guardian, the iconic left-of-centre London newspaper. Congrats, guys! (h/t Jules)

Money quote from Ibrahim "Dougie" Hooper, of CAIR:

He compares the cartoon to the anti-semitic imagery of 1930s Nazi Germany. "The cartoon is part of an overall growth of anti-Muslim rhetoric in this country. Someone is trying to link Islam with violence and anger and profiting from it."

It's not like you have to look far to link Islam with violence and anger:

Islam? Violent? Perish the thought.

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#1 forest 23-Jul-2007
The Guardian is "left-of-center" - a little under-stated humor there? - LOL.

On a slightly more serious note, Rage Boy, "Honest Abe" Hooper, and the reporter all mention cartoons in the article - Oh no, not cartoons! If I didn't know better, I'd think the Guardian was trying to stir up a fresh round of cartoon rage - or at least a minor 'row'.
#2 captainfish 29-Jul-2007
Cartoon characterizations of muhammed placed in amusing and news-worthy situations are worthy of global protests, (and apologies from the west) but the real, true, and actual violence committed by muslims are not to be talked about for fear of being called bigoted.
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