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A Bad Day for Reuters

Reuters seems to have had a bit of difficulty covering the Tour de France this year. The story is as amazing as the photos:

"... the Renault's turbo caught fire ..."

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#1 Hapkido 24-Jul-2007
Wow! It's almost too good a metaphor for their credibility... :-)
#2 jmaimarc 24-Jul-2007
Whoa.. That's gonna ruin their carbon footprint..
#3 captainfish 29-Jul-2007
... carbon footprint... hahahaha.

Nah, that's ok. Remember, the carbon was there already, the fire just transported it to a different part of the carbon-cycle. We are all carbon neutral. What we put in, always goes out.

My question is, how does a car explode in fire that fast? If the fire started in the front right of the engine compartment, then how could they not have time to get their gear out of the car?

Also, I don't know much about "turbos" but isn't the turbo just a big fan that spins more air into the engine? How does this create a fire that then erupts the entire car in fire a few seconds later??

And, if they were awaiting the arrival of the bicyclists, then what was their camera gear doing in the back of the car?
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