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The BBC on Rage Boy

The BBC's target audience.
Here's an interview that you've got to hear:

It's not surprising in the least to see that the BBC has called in Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR to try and add some good old-fashioned race-baiting to the whole Islamic Rage Boy phenomenon. Hooper pulls every dirty trick in the book: comparing Potfry to the Nazis, whinging about how "racist" it is to imply that all Muslims are somehow angry, but in all of that he manages to completely miss the point—We laugh at Rage Boy because, well, he's uniquely funny. No surprise there—he lives in the isolated world of identity politics, so it's expected for him not to have the slightest shred of a sense of "irony."

As I said, you must hear the interview, so please go forth and do so. And be sure to drop a note to share your encouragement with R. H. Potfry for his excellent work against the senior propagandist!

Incidentally, I was also contacted about this show, but in true sandbagging fashion, the press agent at the BBC "accidentally" neglected to mention that CAIR would be involved. Coincidence?

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#1 forest 16-Jul-2007
Ibrahim "Honest Abe" Hooper is in on the Rage Boy act now - this keeps getting better all the time.

His relentless humorlessness is actually kinda funny in this context.
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