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Rage Boy Sighting

From the Letters to the Editor section of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

"Dude, you're getting a Dell. Or else!"

After reading Kathleen Parker's syndicated column "Beauty and the beast brought to you by the Internet" (June 30), I had to go to YouTube and watch Paul Potts' performance. It was beautiful. He talked about being made fun of at school, and to help himself feel better he would go home and sing. Even if you don't have a voice as wonderful as his, isn't that a great way to deal with bullies? Find the answer inside yourself and turn their hate into beauty. I encourage everyone to watch his video and realize what believing in yourself can accomplish.

P.S. Don't watch the other guy, "Rage Boy." Unfortunately, you can see a version of him everywhere.

Missy Witt
Fort Wright

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