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Can you imagine what the lede would be if this photograph were of an Israeli soldier, rather than a Lebanese one?

A Lebanese soldier waves the national flag while standing on the wreckage of a bombarded building inside the besieged Nahr al-Bared refugee camp during clashes with al Qaeda-inspired militants of Fatah al-Islam in north Lebanon July 18, 2007. (Omar Ibrahim/Reuters)

My deepest congratulations are due to the Lebanese army for winning the victories that Western nations are prohibited from winning any longer. May you all be successful in your fight against the insurgents in your country which would do it so much harm.

As a bonus, here's another "Imagine" for you:—Imagine, if you would, outrage and protest being levied against the Racist, Apartheid Egyptian security barrier:

An Egyptian soldier stands on an observation tower on the Egypt side of the border with Gaza Strip, as a barrier wall is seen in Rafah, Wednesday, July 18, 2007. The main border crossing from Gaza into Egypt has been closed since Hamas wrested control of the volatile Gaza Strip in fighting with Fatah last month. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

I can almost hear the chants now.

UPDATE: If you see nothing else tonight, make sure you load this page immediately! Doug, you've done a terrific job of illustrating the irony here!

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#1 captainfish 18-Jul-2007
What? Wait! You mean there is another wall in this world that Israel did not build that holds out the "Palestinians"???

I think you are fooling us. That is impossible. Only the racist Israelis hate the "palestinians" to the point of keeping them out of Israel. Ghastly, I know. But they do. thus, another nation would never been seen doing the same thing. The photog must just have his compass directions wrong and is seeing the Israeli side of the fence. Sure, sure. Of course, as you can see by the picture, this is the view the "Palestinians" see of the wall, cause it is rusty, pitted, scoured, and not pretty while the Israeli side is smooth, gleaming and covered in artistic renderings that highlight cultural exchanges.
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