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Those Dastardly Right-Wing Fundamentalists


It looks like I got pwn3d. The weapons in question have been identified as being completely legal. Thanks to Rusty for pointing this out, and...

Curses, foiled again!

Here's the scenario for you: An apartment near the Federal courthouse in Dallas, Texas was raided yesterday, which just happens to be right before jury selection in the Holy Land Foundation terror-funding trial is scheduled to begin. There is a rumour that a second apartment has also been raided, with the exact same inventory of weaponry as the first. The weaponry consisted largely of automatic and semi-automatic rifles, a 40mm ordnance launcher, and roughly 500 rounds of ammunition. (h/t Ace)

The Dallas Police can't seem to figure it out, so maybe we can help them out with a little line-up. Who do you, the reader think is responsible for this imminent attack?

(B) One of this guy's followers, who coincidentally happen to scare Amanda Marcotte to death?

(C) These nefarious shock jocks?

Or, as unlikely as it may be, maybe it was (D), one of these peace-loving adherents of the Religion of Peace.

Oh, and if you answer (D), you will be immediately banished to Political Correctness Camp. Chime in down in the comments section whenever you're ready!

[Ed.:—Alright, it would seem that the premise has been blown, so aside from this joke flopping, feel free to add to the festivities by printing out my picture from the "About" page and throwing eggs at it... Sorry, fair readers, for failing to follow up on the initial story before posting this!]

Update: Oooo, an Insty-link! Hope y'all enjoy, even if the joke ended up being on me...

Then again, that makes it that much better... Right?
Sources say a maintenance man entered the apartment in the 300 block of North Akard to work on some plumbing. Once inside, authorities say, the man found the weapons. He took pictures of them with his cell phone and showed them to police.

Police are still taking inventory of all the weapons seized. Among those discovered were two AK-47 rifles, an Uzi 9 millimeter submachine gun, a TEC-9 submachine gun, a 40 millimeter ordnance launcher, a handheld ordnance launcher, and about 500 rounds of ammunition.

The tenet [sic.—tenant] left during the police search and hasn't been seen since.


As of 7 p.m., authorities had not yet arrested anyone, but were searching for the tenant of the apartment.

Authorities tell us the tenant travels to the Middle East frequently and just returned from there this morning.

That information and the amount of weapons found lead to the involvement of the North Texas Terrorism Task Force. However, authorities say there is no reason to suspect terrorism as a motive.



#1 Sticky Notes 19-Jul-2007
"there is no reason to suspect terrorism as a motive."

oh.... okay.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Jul-2007
I reckon I'll count that as a vote for (A), SN. ;)

#3 Jonathon 19-Jul-2007
I'll go with "A" and "D".

I'd definitely suspect terrorism as a motive. Why else would anyone have that much firepower at hand? What possible legitimate use can there be for such a stockpile?

Right-wing fundamentalist whackos "hate our freedom" just as much as the Islamists do.
#4 Ace of Spades HQ 19-Jul-2007
Or at least not illegal, from what is known. The automatic-style weapons are semi-automatic conversions, and the tenant isn't a felon and so isn't barred from owning them. "They were legal, which means they were not fully automatic, and he...
#5 (v.2) 19-Jul-2007
HELP SOLVE A CRIME, over at Snapped Shot. 500 rounds of ammunition isn't much, though. In Texas that's what you keep in your glove compartment. [What about Tennessee? -- ed. We're better shots, so we don't need as much ammo.]...
#6 jvon 19-Jul-2007
I agree. Who owns that many guns and only keeps 500 rounds of ammo around?
#7 Max 19-Jul-2007
What a country. Plumbers are allowed to do warrantless searches and turn people's lives upside down.
#8 me myself 19-Jul-2007
" What possible legitimate use can there be for such a stockpile?"

500 rounds is nothing- .22 ammo comes in packages of 500- called a brick- about the same size. 9mm and .45 calibers are sold in packages of 50 usually- about the size of travelers coffee mug. You can fit thousands of rounds in a small duffle bag (I have and do). No one goes to a range and shoots 50 rounds- you probably shoot 100-200 a trip.

Anyone who goes to Sam's Club knows that buying in bulk is cheaper.

The Media plays it up because it fits their agenda. Hence these "arsenals".
#9 Cecil+Turner 19-Jul-2007
[quote]a 40 millimeter ordnance launcher[/quote]

What do they mean by this? A 40mm grenade launcher (M-79, M203 or MK-19)? Those things are all a lot of fun on the range, but they can't be legal for civilians, can they? Or are they talking about something else?
#10 Brian 19-Jul-2007
I know a gun collector that probebly has over a thousand rounds laying around right now for his various weapons. Hell, he's got so many rifles and pistols that, during the LA riots, neighbors made plans to hole up in his house if things got bad enough.
#11 CSM BigBird 19-Jul-2007
Well, the guy could be a Class III holder. Would allow the 40mm and even full auto weapons. The maintenance guy snooped around and took picture allowing a search warrant??? That my friends is troubling, very...

500 rounds, dude must be poor. Mine come in 1000 round cases...
#12 David Hardy 19-Jul-2007
If it *is* a 40mm, then it's a "destructive device" under federal law and requires a federal permit to own (which in turn requires personal approval by the sheriff, CoP, or local prosecutor). (Unless the person is already federally licensed as a dealer for machineguns, etc.).

The 37mm version of the same is legal w/o special permit, as I recall, because it can't chamber 40mm high explosive rounds, but only flare rounds.
#13 kevin hall 19-Jul-2007
It is not possible to tell from the text if the weapons are legal for him to own or not...An Uzi and TEC-9 sub-machineguns if
that is actually what they were are guns
that are in the NFA lists, and require that the owner have background checks to
own...500 rounds is nothing to own...I
easily have 10 times that...
#14 triticale 19-Jul-2007
No such thing as a TEC-9 sub-machinegun. Just a scary-looking auto-loader. The ATF imposed design changes such that it would take serious machine-shop work to to a full auto conversion.

Leaving those guns out in plain sight was negligence, possibly criminal negligence - failure to secure.
#15 Matthias 19-Jul-2007
I stll have 1000 rounds of .22 ammo in my closet... and I don't even own a .22 anymore. (I traded it in plus a little extra for a Spartan .45, and I have 1000 rounds for that.)

By that logic, we should accuse people who buy toilet paper at Costco of intending a series of vicious house rollings. After all, who needs 150 rolls of toilet paper? Smells kind of funny to me...
#16 Ron W 20-Jul-2007
The first lie in this news article is that the federal courthouse is nowhere near this location. I happen to work across the street from his apartment and it is about a mile from the courthouse. Anybody who bothered to check could see that on a map if they bothered to look.

You don't need any license to own a grenade launcher. It is not a destructive device. The grenades themselves are DDs and are limited to those who pass a background check and pay the tax. (it isn't really a license.) A gun with a grenade laucher currently goes for about $150. (Yugoslavian SKS). They are quite legal to buy and were even back when the "Assault Weapons Ban" was active.

Some of my ammo comes in 2250 round cases. Just cheaper to buy it by the case. .22 ammo comes in 500 round bricks for about $20. That really isn't very much.

I am guessing the the "submachineguns" were really semi-auto look alikes. No lisence needed for those.
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