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Laying it on thick

Sometimes, I get the feeling that AFP is trying to get Greenpeace into this war:

A Lebanese man walks on a public beach polluted with heavy fuel oil in Beirut, July 2006... could rival the Exxon Valdez disaster... if not urgently addressed, the United Nations has said. (AFP/File/Patrick Baz)

A crab covered in oil struggles towards the sea polluted with oil in Beirut, July 2006. (AFP/File/Patrick Baz)

(The redundancy must be there to more fully express the urgency in stopping the "violent polluters" from Israel, no doubt...)

Of course, we all know what happened the LAST time Greenpeace tried anything drastic:

Sunk by the French, no less!

My advice to AFP: Perhaps editorializing on the environmental aspects of this conflict can wait until it's actually over?

Also, from the looks of the first picture, that spill doesn't seem to be so big. Maybe it's time to study some maps of Alaska and compare them to Lebanon for size...? Nah, I think AFP would much rather we just stop thinking, and start feeeeeling the pain of that poor crab!

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