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Daily Fodder 8/8/2006

Just thought I'd throw out some pictures that the media hopes will stoke some anguish in our hearts. I don't have attribution information on these shots, but as far as I'm aware, they're all Associated Press. All captions listed here are mine.

Military aged men? At least some of them appear to be...

Be sure that every photograph includes pictures of children playing. That makes it more poignant.

Your average Israeli soldier: Nameless, faceless, and completely dead-set on destruction.

I hear wearing red makes one look more powerful...

More military-aged men?

And even more. One wonders if the victims in the shrouds are fellow combatants? The press isn't likely to tell us, either way.

Always beware Israel's endless supply of black helicopters...

Daily "Republicans are Evil" shot. I'm sure there were no better pictures in this photographer's stack. Sure.

Picking through rubble for that Koran long? If this isn't a swarthy, combatant looking man, I'm the King of England...

And let's not forget our favorite Deity of the Left...

Stretcher alley, Part Deux? The man in the front-right position on the stretcher looks like none other than our Green Helmet Guy—though the angle may make that judgement a bit iffy.

That wraps up our Fodder for today. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow's edition will hold.

Good night, all!

Ok, one last thing: I hope the pictures turn out okay in your web browser. They stink in mine. I'm still working on the layout and graphics for the site, so it'll hopefully be all cleared up here soon.

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#1 anonymous 02-Jan-2008
What is wrong with you people? Openly being racist on your website. I am of Ethiopian and Jewish decent and I am also a Zionist. It is ridiculous to say that all zionists and jews are evil. The illuminati and freemasons adopted the beliefs, and worship one of the two hebrew gods, "Baal," or (Meloch). This god represents lucifer, which is why the freemasons and illuminati have "mock" sacrifices and have other worshiping rituals in the "Bohemian Grove," located in the forests of northern cali. It is them who control the world and are evil, and because of this the jewish people are constantly being blamed. And furthermore adding captions with stupid comments under pictures of serious and tragic circumstances is not funny, and makes me sick. It's people like you that make this world the way it is, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Good Day.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Jan-2008

You are commenting on one of the very first articles written here (the 8th, in fact), written while I was still getting the hang of Ye Olde Blogging. You know, back before I had the hang of expressing that I'm being [i]sarcastic[/i] about something?

I think if you would review some of my newer material, you'll probably find that we're not as far apart in our positions as you think.

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