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How about correcting your record?

In a followup to Gawker's excellent exposé, the New York Times has published a correction re-stating the facts surrounding a series of Lebanon photos.

A picture caption with an audio slide show on July 27 about an Israeli attack on a building in Tyre, Lebanon, imprecisely described the situation in the picture. The man pictured, who had been seen in previous images appearing to assist with the rescue effort, was injured during that rescue effort, not during the initial attack, and was not killed.

The correct description was this one, which appeared with that picture in the printed edition of The Times: After an Israeli airstrike destroyed a building in Tyre, Lebanon, yesterday, one man helped another who had fallen and was hurt.

The original caption for this mess, if you can't read it in the picture above:

The mayor of Tyre said that in the worst-hit areas, bodies were still buried under the rubble, and he appealed to the Israelis to allow government authorities to pull them out.

Gawker's also noted that the supposedly-injured man seems to be doing well both before and after the offending picture, so it figures that the Gray Lady leaves much to be desired.

Oh, and with regards to the Mayor of Tyre's call for emergency assistance, I think I can understand why Israel might be a bit squeamish about that...

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