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Here's a list of stories related to Reuters' fauxtography scandal.

The Hajj (Reuters) scandal and issues with Beirut Photos in general.

There are 2 areas of concern: 1) Staging of photos and; 2) Doctoring of photos. Links are in Chronological order.


"Milking it" (Critical look at Qana photos)

"Hezbollywood? Evidence mounts that Qana collapse and deaths were staged"

"Who is this Man?" (Green Helmet)

"Qana - the director's cut"

"The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" (Green Helmet & Co, show up in Tyre)

(Powerline blog exposes yet another suspect group of photos same damage reported as new 12 days apart).

"Extreme Makeover - Beirut Edition" (Drinking from Home exposed more photos. This time, the same woman is shown losing her home first in Southern Beirut on 7/22 and then in the "suburbs of Beirut" on 8/5)

"Shaking the Dead" (Confederate Yankee shows staged photos of a "rescue worker" grasping a hand protruding from the rubble for both Reuters and AP)

"The Passion of the Toys" (Slublog has a collection of all the posed stuffed animals among the ruble)

"Lights, Camera, Action!"


Beirut Smoke (Little Green Footballs uncovered an obviously doctored photo by Hajj)

It was quickly picked up here on FR

Reuters admitted the first photo (Beirut smoke) was doctored and suspended Hajj

A second doctored photo (F16) was identified by Jawa

Reuters admitted the second photo was also doctored, fired Hajj and withdrew all 920 of his photographs

Many thanks to PajamaTruthMafia for the links! And, don't forget about Zombietime's running account of this story as well.

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