The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Beirut, we have a problem...

Here's a good example of the "destruction" caused to Beirut by those dastardly Israelis.

Looks normal, right? We've been seeing shots like this for the past week or so, right?


I came across this picture while browsing an archive of Associated Press wire photos. The date this photo went out? 18 July, 2006! So, when you're looking of pictures claiming to show fresh damage like the one below, just remember:—You are not getting the full story from the news wires!

Then again, the Benighted Buffoons in the press would never lie to us... would they?

I'm going to file this under "time shifting." Keep posted, more updates are surely to come!

(My hat's off to Powerline Blog for breaking this story!)

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#1 CB 10-Aug-2006
Let's have some fresh damage already. Where Nazi goes, rubble grows. The rubble must continue to grow else Hezbollah, (Nazi) will continue to cause it in Israel now, USA tomorrow, (already?).

Don't pull the punch. When the people of Lebanon and no one else decide they have had it with rubble, realize it's Hezbollah that's causing it and throws the Nazi bums out, peace will happen and the rubble can be removed. That's the only known fix for the Nazi problem. says Nazi has been around a long time and always comes in the name of God. But which God is it? No! Not the devil!
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