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Morning Edition

Catcing up on what we missed while sleeping overnight.

It seems that LGF has discovered that the Red Cross might be actively helping Hezbullah. Not a bad goal for a "peaceful" organization, right?

Richard North, from EUReferendum, seems to have some colorful commentary on the latest foiled terrorist plot in the UK. It also appears that LGF is on the story.

And, browsing the wires, I came acros this gem, which is apparently trying to cement the Israel-United States connection in the minds of Arabs worldwide. Hint to David: They have all the help they need already.

An Israeli soldier, wearing an United States bandana, has camouflage make up applied to his face as troops gather along the Lebanon border preparing to enter southern Lebanon in northern Israel Thursday Aug. 10, 2006. Israel has put plans for a new ground offensive in Lebanon on hold to give a chance to cease-fire efforts, senior government officials said Thursday, a day after Israel's Security Cabinet approved a major expansion of the monthlong war. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

I'm sure we're in for yet another fun day.

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#1 saint 10-Aug-2006
Right and with all that colour correction for the glow in the dark bandana, who needs camouflage paint?
#2 CB 10-Aug-2006
Those who harbor, aid and abet terrorists are themselves terrorists. If the Red Cross is doing that then it too is a terrorists organization.

I like the idea of no traffic, only people on foot. When the people of Lebanon, (on foot) realize Hezbollah is the problem and eject them from their country then Isarel can call off the dogs. Right now there's all the confusion caused when the UN wants to recognize a country without territory.
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