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An exercise in conservative captioning

I suppose I should commend the press for this one.

The top of a historical lighthouse is damaged after missiles from Israeli helicopter gunships blasted it, in an apparent attempt to knock out a broadcast antenna for Lebanese state television in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday Aug. 10, 2006. Israeli ground forces took control of a key southern Lebanese town and claimed strategic hilltop positions Thursday in a push to widen its hold on border areas before a possible drive deeper into the country. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

The way this war's been waged in the media so far, you would've thought that this would be a "historic, Holy lighthouse." I'm glad the author was able to restrain himself a bit, although it would definitely have been better had he use language that was less emotionally charged. I mean, c'mon... "Blasted it?" And it's fairly easy to find out whether it was an "apparent" attempt to knock out a Hezbullah antenna, or whether it did so in reality, isn't it?

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