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Photographer attempts rebuttal of Qanagate scandal

Image reference removed per request from Timothy Fadek.
It would appear that Michael Shaw and Tim Fadek are attempting to rebut the scandal surrounding the Qana photographs. Richard North from EUReferendum has done an excellent job rebutting the rebuttals, as usual. I'd only add one thing:

Tim is wise to note that the "civil defense" workers are posting bodies for display, and justifies this by suggesting that they are angry that Israel would have the audacity to kill unarmed civilians. The West merely needs to "understand" this "cultural difference." Tim, does it bother you that Hezbullah has a long history of hiding behind civilians? Do you think that these children might still be alive, if they were not being used as human shields by the terrorists you attribute such "honor" to?

And, even without considering this, why is it that you so unquestionably present Hezbullah's side of the events that occurred, while unceasingly questioning the version of events put forth by the IDF?

UPDATE 8/16/2006 16:36 EST: An interesting cultural insight has been related by Sandmonkey. It's curious to note that his Egyptian grandmother recalls no cultural attachment to parading around the dead, contrary to Tim Fadek's assertions!

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