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Good old-fashioned airbrushing

Sticky Notes and Allah Pundit have noticed that Katie Couric seems to be on the Adnan Hajjtm diet. Chalk one up for good old-fashioned airbrushing, CBS!

(In light of Ace's commentary, I'd like to point out that it's possible that the "modified" photograph is merely the result of an inept attempt to "squeeze" it to fit into a particular print format, rather than being a deliberate slimming. Knowing the history of Madison Avenue airbrushing, though, I'd still tend to defer to Occam's Razor to explain the manipulation. And, for the record, that's two Wikipedia links in one sentence! Talk about nuking my own credibility!)

UPDATE 30-AUG-2006 14:09 EST: Har har!



#1 captainfish 29-Aug-2006

lending credence to Wiki are we??

See, I thought this alteration was the other way around. So, if TV adds 10 pounds, then isn't it alright to slim the picture to take those 10 pounds back off? And, we all know how sometimes make-up artists just don't get it quite right. So, it must be ok to do some post-processing, right?

Well, aren't we all aware of the massive air-brushing inflicted upon models and actors when they pose for official photos? You then see them in the candid beach/shopping/eating photos and they look as "normal" as we rednecks look.
#2 The Right Nation 30-Aug-2006
Sticky Notes (via Hot Air) svela il ritocco fotografico che ha fatto dimagrire a tempo di record Katie Couric, la nuova anchor scelta per riportare CBS News ai fasti pre-Rathergate. Un'ottima partenza, se si vuole riconquistare la fiducia del pubblic...
#3 moi 30-Aug-2006
mmm, what ever happened to the truth? I remember 'nudie calendars' back in the day with lop-sided, sagging, blue veined breasts... now they are all smooth globes of plastic! no wonder the divorce rate is so high, 'normal' gals can't come up to the phony standards that have been created by Hollywood and the media :))... We all appreciate natural beauty but the problem is most dumb folk don't know that 90% of what they see is not real!
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