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The Boston Globe has discovered that it's regular practice for textbook publishers to lie in order to promote politically-correct quotas (h/t FreeRepublic):

Houghton Mifflin's ploy was recently described by reporter Daniel Golden in a Wall Street Journal story on the lengths to which publishers go to get images of minorities and the disabled into grade-school textbooks. A Houghton Mifflin spokesman claimed that able-bodied models are presented as handicapped only as a last resort. But according to one of the company's regular photographers, the deception is the norm. At least three-fourths of the children portrayed as disabled in Houghton Mifflin textbooks actually aren't, she told Golden. In fact, publishers have to keep track of all the models they use for such pictures, so that a child posing as disabled in one chapter isn't shown running or climbing a tree in another.

Yes, Virginia, lying takes more effort than telling the truth. Which, of course, means I get to post the obligatory:



#1 captainfish 31-Aug-2006
The way homosexual and liberal activists run the educational system, I am surprised that the people in textbooks are not shown in homosexual circumstances more often.

We have already dumbed down our kids with regard to history, now California will be dumbing down their morals!!
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