The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Abject objectivity

As usual, Charles from LGF beats me to the punch, by revealing that Kevin Sites mentioned that he was unable to take photographs of some locations, "unless we get a letter from Hezbollah giving us permission."

Some other money quotes from Kevin's article:

With the sound of Israeli jets and drones overhead, I assume anyone from Hezbollah's leadership, even if we could find them, might be little busy at the moment.

Yeah, there's plenty of massacring and hiding-behind-civilians to be done. We can't be bothered with silly Zionist paperwork right now!

Just before leaving I'm left with a moment that allows me gauge, anecdotally at least, the depth of anger here and the cohesiveness of south Lebanon's Shiite Muslims behind Hezbollah.

Cohesiveness behind Hezbullah? Or willingness to be used as Hezbullah's shield?

He's in a fighting stance with his left foot forward, while his eyes are locked onto me. What I find strange is that his face shows no emotion, no anger, no fear — nothing but intense focus. A glance down at his right hand and I quickly understand why I am the object of his resolve.

In his hand is a rock the size of a cue ball. He is simply waiting for the signal to hurl it, with all his force, at my head.

Killers rarely betray any emotion, Kevin. Too bad you're too liberal to figure that out.

Thanks to Charles for pointing this exceptional gem out. Kevin's full of peace and rainbows, as usual. Unless he's thinking of Israel, of course.



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