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Didn't get the memo

An independent photographer has posted a link to his gallery on Lightstalkers, chronicling Lebanon and Gaza, amongst other places. Michael says that we should only spend time in his gallery, "only if you are terribly bored or want to see some examples of 'blatantly set up images that are being fabricated by left wing hezbollah loving scum.'" Well, Michael, I'll accept that challenge!

Aside from being blatantly anti-Israel, he managed to take a photograph that goes completely against the grain of the Associated Propagandists. While the AP is more than happy to send photos of Palestinian funerals over their wires, and are absolutely happy to transmit photos of Evil Zionists, they rarely transmit photos of the actual "militants" (or "youths") themselves. Well, thanks to our hapless liberal photographer, I'm proud to present—the Palestinian Militant!

Copyright © 2006, Michael Robinson Chavez. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2006, Michael Robinson Chavez. All Rights Reserved.



#1 OzzieAussie 28-Aug-2006
Michael's shots are some of the most powerful that I have seen. He had some that were far from being staged. His work is better than Fadek's photography.

I thought that his shots inside Israel highlighted the contrast between the emotions of people who are putting on an act for the camera, and those who honor their dead.
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