The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Somebody likes destruction

RightWinged and Allahpundit have spotted another Adnan Hajj photo which might have been doctored. I'd concur with Allahpundit's interpretation of events, though—it's more likely that the color balance was adjusted by an editor at this point, than Adnan himself doing the tweaking. The photo's not nearly as dramatic as the one he got dinged for the first time, and he didn't add any smoke to this one, but he definitely seems to have quite an appetite for destruction!

 Tags: adnan hajj fauxtography REUTERS #Round-up


#1 Sticky+Notes 28-Aug-2006
I looked thoroughly, on Aug 6, at the picture you now have posted….

I believe the shots were done in immediate sequence. A slight turn of a tripod. You’d never get the alignment otherwise.

I think the Brazilian color might be batch processing of pix for the web.
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