The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

The Religion of the Perpetually Offended

Is this better, CAIR?
Some of CAIR's stooges have apparently taken great umbrage at a sign posted outside of a Florida church, which reportedly reads, "Muslims can convert to Christianity here!"

It's a good thing the church didn't hire me to letter their sign. How's THIS for offensive, CAIR?

A tip for all of the stooges at CAIR: There exists no right to not be offended at something. If you don't like it, practice what you claim to preach and turn your back on it peacefully. After all, this is what the rest of us do when followers of "the religion of peace (and rocket launchers)" say what they think. (And say what you will, the fact that most of the Middle East is not a molten ruin speaks volumes enough of OUR tolerance.)

Bonus tip: Stories like this do nothing to help your cause. The more attention you bring to yourself, the sooner people will discover the readily-apparent truth of your connections to terrorism.


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