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Disproportional reporting (or: how about the OTHER side of the story?)

What do we not see much of in the press? Well, for starters, we don't see much of the suffering of the Israeli people at the hands of Hezbullah's unguided anti-personnel rockets! Sure, reporters give us excuses like, "Israel's damage to Lebanon was greatly unproportional to the damage done to Israel, so we have to cover Lebanon," but is such a position really logical? The fact of the matter is, the Israeli government has taken many steps to ensure the safety of its people, something which has long been established as the central role of governments. On the other hand, the Lebanese government has done nothing in southern Lebanon, other than turning the entire area over to terrorists who are more than happy to use the public as their shield!

With that in mind, here's the first detailed report I've seen on the damage caused to Israel by Hezbullah's unguided rockets (a "rocket" being a "missile" without a guidance system). Note that weapons like this are wholly unable to determine what they're striking, making it impossible to tell whether you're hitting a civilian target or not.

Hat tip to reader captfish for the article!

  #Israel/Lebanon War 2006

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