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Entertainment for Entertainment's Sake!

The latest general strike in the Palestinian territories has allowed us to see some of the most entertaining activities ever.

Burning tires: Check.

Rocks: Check.

Jumping: Check.

What more could a boy ask for?

UPDATE 5-SEP-2006 07:37 EST: It seems that reader captfish's needs to take a bow. He called it perfectly.

main hospital of the West Bank town of Ramallah where health workers are on strike, Monday, Sept. 4, 2006. Palestinian civil servants, including teachers and health workers, launched an open-ended strike Saturday. Some 80,000 out of the Palestinian Authority's 165,000 employees are expected to take part in the strike.(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

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#1 captainfish 04-Sep-2006
OH wow... the memories.
I recall the times of my childhood when, during the city-wide strikes that demanded more money from a city that could not do business because of the strikes, my friends and I would light all of our stored spare tires on fire. Oh the joys of dancing throught he putrid black smoke. I recall my parents were so supportive and happy that I spent my day nearly falling into hot melted rubber with each jump. I even recall my neighbors cheering me on as they too were home because of the strike. Oh the things I learned because I didn't go to school.

A funny thing that memory. I have a sad recollection that one time I was hurt and had to go to the hospital and yet the hospital turned us away because the doctors who WERE WORKING THERE refused to work on me because, due to the strike, were not getting paid. You know, that brought sweet thoughts to my mind that should I ever get hurt and need a doctor who just happens to be not on duty, I know that he will utterly refuse to help because he would not be getting paid for it.

OH sweet thoughts of excellence.
#2 captainfish 06-Sep-2006
what is utterly sad and poignant, is that beautiful little girl will grow up only knowing hate because that will be all that she is taught. She will grow up looking like the woman in the background instead of Miss England.

There are two little pairs of feet in that last photograph you posted. Those two little pairs of feet have more chance of dying from members of their own culture (mainly men) than from Isreali actions. Just think of the life she could have, the things she could learn if she only could grow up in a culture of life, liberty and freedom. But, alas, she lives in a corrupt, illiterate, hate-filled, oppressive, religously-intolerant, rascist, terrorist regime.

Oh, DULY ELECTED terrorist regime. I hope she lives long enough to thank her parents for creating all of these ills.
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