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Welcome to Dhimmitude?

England's coming dhimmitude.
It seems that the NHS in England, ever the vanguard of the quality expected of public healthcare systems worldwide, has found that it has more than adequate time to invent a new surgical gown that will, quote, allow "female Muslim patients to cover themselves completely in line with their religious beliefs."

The Daily Express panned the idea, saying that, "If people want to live in Britain, then they must accept British standards and the British way of life... The standard hospital gown is surely good enough for everyone."

Surely, the English shouldn't be so naïve enough to expect that they have the right to live in their country by their own culture. They clearly are under the deep obligation to bow down to their rising Ummah overlords, and keep up with burgeoning world opinion.

The Daily Express reports that the gown costs 12 pounds (23 dollars) each. No word on how much it cost to develop the gowns, as we all know that socialist systems are never expected to operate at profit. The expense associated with the gown will obviously be covered by the socialized medical system as well, to prevent any undue "burden" being placed on people who come to England to bring it diversity ... for free treatment ... to subjugate the Western world.

No word on how much a "regular" gown costs.

UPDATE 11:32 EST: Daggum it, Randy at RightWinged beat me to this one! Good job, Randy!

LGF is now on this story as well, as is Drudge.



#1 Jeha 05-Sep-2006
Maybe it is time for the NHS to start amputating Moslem thieves.

They should also look into lapidation, female circumcision... All good bedouin traditions; while we fight them back home, the "civilized" word embraces them.

All in the name of diversity.
#2 captainfish 06-Sep-2006
You know, when I first saw this pic, I seriously thought it was a member of the CDC (disease control) wearing their protective gear.

Somehow, it does not surprise me that socialized nations (as USA is turning into) will do things like that in hopes of appeasing their minorities. Whereas, the minorities only see it as a capitulation and a weakening of the majority to their whims. Emboldening them for more power and more takeover.

A few more arrests in Brittain, like the recent airplane liquid-bombers, and that country will see what it is like to be France with an unhappy muslim minority.
#3 ytba 06-Sep-2006
NO, NO, you've got it ALL wrong!

They're just preparing for when OddMashuggahJob gets his nukes. Then we'll ALL need a HazJiib.

Choose from our exciting selection...
#4 captainfish 07-Sep-2006
I like the pretty blue

.... as we all glow the pretty color of neon.

OH by the way.
Pres. OhBOBginINaBOB announced his solution to peace with Iran. He said that we should all bow down and surrender to Iran's glory. If we do not, then they will force us to bow down and surrender.

And yet..... no one thinks Iran is serious and a serious danger to the whole world.
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