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The incredible once-burning cars

Confederate Yankee has pointed out what he claims is a car mystically re-igniting itself after being "blowed up," in Looney Toons parlance, by those dastardly Israelis.

I think the re-ignition is probably nothing more sinister than a combination of an acetylene blowtorch and leaking gasoline. Or some other spark (smoking being a favorite hobby over there).

It is definitely curious to see grown men rolling over a car, for no apparent reason than to roll it over. Is it as common a cultural practice to mourn the automotive dead as it is to parade around dead humans, in the Arab world? Inquiring minds certainly want to know.

Palestinians inspect the wreckage of a car hit in an Israeli missile in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. A Palestinian teenager and five militants from the governing movement Hamas have been killed after Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with fresh air strikes and launched a new ground operation.(AFP/Said Khatib)

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#1 captainfish 06-Sep-2006

OH... the tears came to my eyes. The pali-haters are not that dissimilar to us over here in the southern states. Whenever we find an abandoned car, we tend to jump all over it, flip it, strip it, bust it, and then if we still have time before getting caught torch it. Oh, the fun the kids over there must be having.

You know, we really aren't that dissimilar from each other. We see it all the time on the news. Almost every night I see people overturning cars and jumping up and down on it, pulling out pieces for photographic memories, showing off bloodied parts, rummaging throughout the guts of the vehicle, and totally demolishing it far and away more than the original method that cause it to become abandoned.

Yeah, I jest. No, I got no clue.
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