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The religion of peace (and bazookas)

And people wonder why we Americans don't expect to see peace in the middle east any time soon...

Caption: Lebanse siblings Ali Benjac, right, Mahaya, top left, and Muhamed, react as they look at a convoy of Italian UNIFIL peacekeepers patrolling a road in the southern Lebanese village of Knaisse, Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006. Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said in Rome that Syrian President Bashar Assad has agreed to allow unarmed European guards on its border with Lebanon to prevent any arms shipments to Hezbollah but Syria denied any such agreements. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

(Unlike what Mr. Mori reports, I am not quite so sure that these kids are just "looking" at the Italians. It looks more likely, to me, that they're pretending to target them with a toy bazooka. Innocent fun? Or preparing for jihad?)

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#1 captainfish 11-Sep-2006
WOW, alot of work went into that "play" bazooka. Looks like it is using a real scope.

Yeah, I remember the times I used to target policemen driving by my neighborhood with what looked like a bazooka. Next thing I knew the police shot me because they thought I was holding a real weapon. THen when I got home my mom beat me to a pulp for pointing a "weapon" at the police. She said I was lucky that I was alreayd dead or she would kill me herself. (j/k) That taught me to respect authority and that armed-peacekeepers (police) are to be honored and respected.

Somehow, I believe that when our kids are playing cowboys and indians/earthlings vs aliens with sticks, these kids are learning from their parents what it takes to really hate and to kill people.

BTW, is this a sign of how much Lebanon wants "peace keepers"?? Or is this a sign that they hate anyone who is not a muslim?
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