The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Git yer cameras ready!

This is not nearly enough rage.
Muslim "leaders" are calling for a day of RAGE this Friday to protest the Pope's speech. Again.

I'm glad we've toned things down to "anger" from "jihad." As if there's any difference in the Muslim world.

One thing to note: Fridays are similar to Sunday in the Christian world—Muslims are more likely to go to their mosques then than at any other time in the week.

So, in other words, these "raging" protests are being very carefully organized by the imams. Quite "peace-loving" of them, ain't it?

One thing's for sure—the pictures are bound to be priceless!

UPDATE 19-SEP-2006 15:05 EST: The Anchoress is far more eloquent than myself on the matter. Check out what she has to say on ceaseless Muslim anger.

Update 22-SEP-2006: The day is upon us! Be sure to check out the photos. They're priceless!


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