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________ stirs up Muslim anger

"Jihad is the hump of Islam."
Yeah, it's not really news, but the Pope's speech seems to have sparked Muslim protests world-wide.

More pleasantry from the Religion of the Perpetually Offended. Keep your eye on this article—I'll be posting the photos from these protests as soon as they come across the wire. It always seems that Muslims spend the entire year preparing to protest, much like lefties, so I'm confident that we'll have some spectacular material here soon!

Muslim fury at pope jihad comments (CNN)
Pakistan parliament condemns Pope's Islam comments (AFP)
Pope compared to Hitler and Mussolini over Islam remarks
UPDATE 1-Islam row challenges Pope, raises security concerns (REUTERS)
Muslim fury grows at Pope's speech (Daily Mail)

The basic premise of modern Islam? "Think like us, or we'll kill you."

Find a picture in any paper that depicts a Christian like this.
There ya go. It truly is "the religion of peace," isn't it...?

UPDATE 16:11 EST: It seems that Hamas has joined the party. The sycophantic press, of course, is doing their best to present the protesters as helpless, unarmed civilians. We know better, though. Also, Confederate Yankee has noticed the "Hump" sign, and found it as amusing as we did.For your reference:

"Kashmiri activists" are people who live in INDIAN territory, but are actively trying (i.e., COMMITTING TERRORIST ACTS) to transfer that territory to PAKISTAN.

Pakistani Muslims hold rally to condemn the Pope's remarks, Friday, Sept 15, 2006 in Multan, Pakistan. Pakistan's parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning Pope Benedict XVI for making what it called 'derogatory' comments about Islam during his visit to Germany, and seeking an apology from him for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. (AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer)

The above sign is especially amusing. Check out some of the posters:


It should also be noted that "Jamat-e-Islami" is a terrorist group. To nobody's surprise.

Pakistani Muslims hold placards and chant slogans to condemn remarks by Pope Benedict XVI during a protest after evening prayers at a mosque in Islamabad September 15, 2006. Muslims deplored on Friday remarks on Islam by Pope Benedict and many of them said the Catholic leader should apologise in person to dispel the impression that he had joined a campaign against their religion. REUTERS/Mian Khursheed (PAKISTAN)

"Christians Community Should Take Notice of Pope's Remarks?"

Sure thing. Islam = Death. Duly noted—thanks for pointing that out, sir.

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#1 captainfish 15-Sep-2006
HOLEY CRIKEY..... that is truly scary and frightening.

They don't even believe in the pope and the pope's religion. How can they be offended? If Muslims say that Jesus would be a muslim and do what they do, we christians would not get offended. Oh wait, THEY HAVE. Why should they be offended by remarks from an opposing religion?

I like the sign: "Jehad is a means to end tyranny and injustice". Which of course is true. They see the need for Jihad everywhere and against everyone who is not a muslim. They see the need to right the injustice of their enslavement and occupation. Though, neither of which is true. But who said the Muslim religion is based on facts and reality.

BTW, I love your new slogan for them: The Religion of the Perpetually Offended. Which tells you, they are not based on love. Jesus/God/Bible tells us to love our enemies, to love those that wish us harm, to forgive those who have transgressed us and to turn away from anger. Once again proof, that the god they worship is not the same God of the Judeo-Christians.
#2 captainfish 16-Sep-2006
here is something to add to it.

Now Palestinians are firebombing churches.
#3 Jeha 16-Sep-2006
No one ever listened to what the pope said.

700 years ago, I would have bet against Europe... Now it the Arab and Islamic world who is in the midst of a dark age.

This issue means much more than just a statement. There is a larger pattern here.
#4 Rooster 18-Jul-2007
Muslims are some ugly mother fuckers.
#5 Abid Bhat 16-Aug-2007
I am a Photo-journalist from Srinagar, Kashmir, India and have been active in the field of Photo journalism. I joined the field of Photo-journalism and since then have worked in print and electronic media. My aim is to work for an international organisation.
I have covered some actions live on my camera and if u want i can send the same to u.
e-mail. [email protected]
#6 alla is NO G-d 16-Feb-2008
I see a lot of target-rich environments left unengaged, sadly...
#7 Dr. Robert Tegenkamp 21-Jan-2010
I am a retired optician turned Christian writer. I have tried to write with some sensitivity toward Muslims and as hard as I try, in my very toleratnt, forgiving, loving heart I can not find anything good... help me on my new book "Collision" My previous book, "Father Forgive Them" ... they are very good soon to be published along with The Eternity Code Vol I & II and WHY BAD STUFF HAPPENS TO GOOD PEOPLE... win which I explain the good people... After reading the Qur"an I can only say, "God help us" Dr.Robert Louis Tegenkamp ... Th.D
#8 Anonymous 07-Jun-2010
How can you write when you left your wife put your sons against each other and have several other women whom you tell your wife is dead .....She is very much alive but you don't take care of her you up and left her no warning
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