The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Like a two-way street

(Freedom of speech, that is. I'm sure this is hitting ol' Ahdmana-whatever where it hurts.)

This is a brilliant reminder of why I choose Fox News (h/t AllahPundit the Incredible):

"Leader of Terrorist State to Spew More Hate"



#1 james moerike 30-Oct-2006
To the leaders of terrorism your ends are near, fear not you will be relieved through the great compromise.
Omar: Will you turn in Osama bin Laden and other Terrorists who compromise the good the true good the holy good your religion and God by coming into your country to mingle and use your people as shields for their personal revenge against America??

Omar: No. We cannot do that. If we did, it means we are not Muslims... that Islam is finished.

Omar truly believes this! If he could or would only read these next paragraphs he might become :The Righteous Holy Man Of God In The Mideast.

But if he did ! Turn in Osama bin Laden & other terrorists and cells.
It would prove that Muslims are truly united and strong and full of Gods Grace & Convictions of Gods True Peace and that he is not afraid of doing the rights things for Islam God
& in the eyes of his people he would become the Great Holy Interpreter of God and his People for his self less act to turn over the terrorists Osama bin Laden knowing that Osama has drug dragged his entire race and religions into this horrid act of false vengeance Osama bin Ladens personal vengeance upon America.

May Omar become Gods right hand and do these things for the sake of The New True Worldly Peace of God and our Countries, United, for Blessed would he who orchestrates The Heavenly Power Of Global Peace, even Christens would not be able to deny that Omar is of Gods Speed.
#2 Brian 30-Oct-2006
Thanks... I think.

This is quite an odd comment. Did I miss out on the new latest craze in spam or something?

#3 james moerike 01-Nov-2006
Thinking only my opinion if you feel like you`ve been left out, I believe
it`s right there? I had responded to an opinion an quoted as well. Letting Omar know he could do the right things.
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