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REUTERS van: Were we right?

Terrorist transport?
According to Confederate Yankee, the Israeli government is reporting that terrorists are using official news vehicles as transports. This is one of the theories I put forth in my previous reporting on the matter. The Israeli government needs to keep publishing these kinds of stories, as it illustrates exactly what crimes the enemy we're fighting against are guilty of.

Allahpundit asks, "If they thought the van was carrying terrorists, why didn’t they say so at the time?"

I think that the disconnect there might be due to the same kinds of reasons we have here in the United States over explaining military actions—The civilian portions of the government are not always on the same page as the military spokesmen. The mentions of Shin Bet inside of CY's article would seem to indicate to me that this information is the result of an intelligence investigation.

Of course, the Israeli government could have come forward before now to inform us of information like this, but better late than never, right? And this is in keeping with Israel's "pre-emptive apology" policy, so don't say we didn't warn you about trusting Israeli statements of "apology."

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