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The Day of Fluffy Pillows (and RAGE!)

The religion of peace (and murder).
That's right, folks! Today's the day promised to us by Muslims worldwide, the international day of RAGE Oops, I mean the international day of "PEACE (and machineguns)."

Just as a reminder, Friday is the "holy day" of Islam, much like Sunday is to us Christians. So you can expect to find that just about every single one of these protests will take place outside of some mosque. What the reporters who are covering these protests will not tell you is this:

These protests are being organized by the extremist imams who run these mosques!

That's the religion of peace (and jihad) in action for ya.

Update 11:50 EST: Conquering ROME is apparently the answer.

Update 12:22 EST: Some of the other "best of" banners so far:

"All of as are ready to die for Prophet Mohammad" (Egypt)
"There are many lies that go out of their mouths." ("Palestine")
"Answering your calls, God's Prophet" ("Palestine")
...waving green Hamas banners and denouncing the pontiff as a coward. ("Palestine")

So far, we've seen photos from the following countries: Iran, Egypt, "Palestine," Malaysia, Pakistan, The "Indian-Occupied" Kashmir, and Iraq (but so far mostly in Tikrit), Jordan.

We're still waiting to see pictures from the most offensive and violent of Muslim nations: Londonistan. I'm sure they'll manage to top the rest, as usual.

Also oddly silent are Syria and Turkey, who will also give us quite a few doozies, assuming they don't accidentally massacre the Zionist photographers.



#1 Sameer Jaffery 25-Sep-2006
May peace be on us alll....
I say to you being a muslim i donot have anything against u or ur religion,but if u hit us we have the right to hit u back for years we have kept quite in the matter of palestine.
I believe that jesus was a great prophet and i love him becoz of his patience..
I love my christian brothers..
Its ur goverment and policies that has to blame that mostly ur religion comes under attack,whenver something bad takes plce to muslims.
Arent we human beings and right to live in peace.
u come and break our houses bomb our villages is this what jesus has thaught u
And u blame us for being so hostile towards u
i know this will not be posted on ur comments box but i do hope that u take time to read it.
#2 Brian 25-Sep-2006

I appreciate your candid comments. Thank you very much for taking the time to share them with us. (As you can tell, I *will* post any comments sent into the site, whether they agree with me or not. My intent in hosting this website is not censorship or abuse, but _enlightenment_ and _understanding_, and I hope that my reply will work towards this end!)

In response, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

What exactly did the United States commit that justified the Iranians in taking the staff of our embassy hostage in 1979?

What did we do to deserve the Lockerbie bombing by Libya in 1988?

The entire attitude that the West "has something coming to it" is a farce. I think that if you look closely enough, you will find that this attitude is something that is the *creation* of extremists in the Arab world, who seek to distract Muslims from their own internal corruption by painting *us* as the bogeyman. Wouldn't your anger be more appropriately directed at the *crooks* who are robbing your countries? Men such as Yasser Arafat, who stole *billions* of dollars intended for the Palestinian people, and placed this cash directly in his personal Swiss bank account?

I certainly look forward to hearing your further thoughts on these questions, and welcome others to join in this debate. We can certainly prove to each other our peaceful intent with our gentle words, can we not?

May peace be upon you (السلام عليكم),

#3 Anonymous 27-Jun-2007
First of all I agree with that the problem lie's with these muslim countries. These people should find something to do in life other than burn things. But then why does the US support the dictatorships in these countries such as Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, etc. Mainly why is the US supporting the terrorist ideology of the Saudi Royal Family and their fanatic wahabbi doctorine?? The Saudi's wont allow women to drive, vote, even go place alone without a man - which is absurd the religion does not teach that. But yet the United States is supporting this dictatorship with billions of dollars on money and weapons - for one reason OIL.

First the united states gave weapons and arms to over thrown the democratic government in Iran. The reinstated the disposed King Reza Pahlavi so the US and Great Britan can have their OIL cheap! Now if another country did that to the US would you love that country - I think not.

United States still supports dictator states such as Saudia Arabia - George Bush's best buddies with the Royal family. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi's yet the US still supports the Royal family's islamists and wahabbi doctorine where women are not even allowed to drive!

But all said and done in the end, I agree that these people need to look at their leaders and not blame the "West" for all their problems. The problem is most of these muslim countries are full of uneducated goat herders and Mullahs who think they know it all- yet can barely read.
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