The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

The Left's favorite kind of activist

Again, SNAPSHOTS points to a Palestinian "activist" that was "killed" by the Israelis dastardly Zionists.

Activist? With a machine gun?

More fun from the Religion of Peace (and machine guns).



#1 captainfish 19-Sep-2006
I love the title of the second article: "Two Palestinians dead as Abbas and Livni holds ”positive” meeting"

WOW, so their meeting led to the death of two innocent palestinian arabs? Those dastardly vile Isreali representatives.

This is all easy to explain:
So, one of these innocent activists got scared that Isreali terror-unit had surrounded his house and began to torture and terrorize his whole neighborhood. His only recourse was to try and flee the area in order to save his friends in his neighborhood from further retributions and punishment by the Isreali goon-squads. He happened to have his old, family-handed-down weapon that he took with him as a defensive measure. As he was fleeing in horror, the Isreali assassination squad blew him up with a guided missle that was in the shape of a pig's foot.

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