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Such enlightened culture

Victim of the ROP(ahk).
... from the Religion of Peace (and honour killings). And whatever you do, don't call it dating!

Ok, so one of the the Left's supreme mantras is that "multiculturalism" and "diversity" by themselves are beneficial for any Western nation. You'll hear this touted by politicians, media elites, movie stars, and college professors world-wide.

Another of the Left's mantras is that feminism is superior to the "patriarchial" society "created" by men (though the problem isn't really men, is it, since these womyn always tend to marginalize influential women in history who don't fit their ideological mould).

So what happens when one protected (enlightened!) group—the "diverse" Muslims—starts committing heinous crimes against another protected group—"womyn"?

(And, more importantly, can one use womyn as a plural?)

All over Europe, politicians are trying to figure out what to do about spreading occurences of "honour killings," instances where the men of a family kill either a woman in their own family (to "save its honour"), or attack another family (to "scare them off" from a relative of theirs).

Of course, seeing how generally oblivious to the reality of life Europe is, they don't stand much chance of figuring this problem out. Which, to me, seems to show that utter dhimmitude will continue to spread like a cancer all across the continent.

Not that Europe doesn't deserve dhimmitude, for all of the snarky lectures they've given America over the years...

Where's Charles Martel when ya need him?



#1 captainfish 19-Sep-2006
In that vein, check out this link:

6 year old dies from honor-based arson.
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