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Moneychangers outside the temple?

Ok, for starters, I thought that those dastardly Zionists were the evil moneychangers of this world, but maybe I've missed a memo or two.

The IDF has apparently raided what's alternately referred to as "a money changing shop" or "a money-changing agency," in what it says is an attempt to raid, "the financial infrastructure of terror organizations."

No complaints from where I'm sitting, though I'm sure the benficiaries of said "financial infrastructure" will be upset at this disruption.

Of course, the accounts provided to the various media are a bit muddied. Take this photograph for instance:

Mohamad Torokman of REUTERS identifies this as "a Palestinian man," who is "reacting" as he "looks at a money-changing agency.

Ok, for starters, it looks like this "Palestinian man" is inside of the money-changing agency, as the bills on this currency are expected to be facing out of the building for the clientele to see. (You can confirm that we are standing on the outside of the shop by noticing that there are reflections in front of the bill on the bottom.)

The Associated Press, the dastardly scoundrels earnest professionals that they are, went through the effort of identifying this man, thus shining a glaring light on REUTERS' attempt at manipulating the scenario. From the terrorist-supporting Mohommad Ballas,

We learn that this man is money-changer Younis Bogermi. Money-changer? Inside of a "money-changing shop?"

Any chance that Mr. Bogermi is the proprietor of this exchange?

Not that REUTERS is interested in learning this.

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#1 captainfish 20-Sep-2006
Hmmm, only one shop looks to have been "destroyed" by the Occupation Forces of Evil. And that shop looks to have been stripped BY the palestinians captured on camera. Actually, it looks more like it was attacked by a bomb!! A raid does not produce debris, damage the front facade and over-head signage and leave the insides burnt.

Great catch.
#2 3000 killed 911 02-Apr-2007
the moneychangers did 911
attack of deception.
#3 Brian 02-Apr-2007
Wow, the scientific evidence is IN, folks. It was DA JOOS.

Sheesh, I think your village might be missing you, 3000.
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