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Unaffiliated rocket

Yoni is reporting that another Qassam rocket has landed in the Negev desert, in yet another clear violation of the Israel/Hezbullah ceasefire. I'm not going to hold my breath for the media coverage of this violation, but I can probably summarize it, again, as:

If and when this does get covered (and I promise you, if it's covered at all, it'll be a brief mention in a long, anti-Israel diatribe), you can expect the press to continue following its Cardinal Rule for Hezbullah Attack Coverage, which is basically to "accidentally" neglect to mention Hezbullah.

Expect the captions to look something like this:

A rocket has landed in the Negev desert. No injuries were reported, as Israel the Evil Zionists launch another hegemonic raid into Palestinian schoolyards and playgrounds. Viva Zapata! (AP Photo)

Viva Zapata, indeed.

  #Israel/Lebanon War 2006

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