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I'm sure Israel's comforted by the UnTIEd Nations Peacekeeping (And Terrorist-Rearming) Force being in Lebanon. This photograph should be on the front page of EVERY SINGLE NEWSPAPER in Israel, as a reminder of how friendly the United Nations really is with piddling terrorists.

Confederate Yankee has more examples of the crack forces sent to protect Hezbullah from Israel.

A Spanish U.N. peacekeeper shakes the hand of a Lebanese Hezbollah supporter wearing a yellow T-shirt and carrying a Hezbollah flag as he marches in the southern village of Kfar Kila, Lebanon, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006, on his way to attend the massive victory rally that will take place in Beirut Friday afternoon. Hundreds of Hezbollah supporters (MEMO TO ISRAEL: Target-rich Environment!) from across southern Lebanon began marching on foot toward Beirut for a major rally planned Friday to showcase the group's insistence it won't disarm. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

Update 22:24 EST: LGF has finally noticed this photograph, but is still behind the game. You still read it here first, folks! (Just joshing ya a bit, Charles! Believe me, I read your site more than I read mine, just like everyone else...) :)

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#1 lemoa 04-Apr-2008
yes you are the terrorists you want every one kills every one
#2 Rooster 04-Apr-2008
Hey Lemoa. Die.
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