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Watching the watchers

Leave the real work to the IDF.
It seems that now that things in southern Lebanon have started to shake out the way they were predicted to shake out, we're basically left with two groups monitoring the region: The UnTIEd Nations, which couldn't "peacekeep" its way out of a box, and the Israeli Defence Forces, which is doing the best it can to keep missiles away from its civilian populace (and is hamstrung at every step by the previously-mentioned bunch).

So, in light of that, when I saw this shot come across the wires this morning, it brought just a slight hint of a smile to my face. We've seen shots of the United Nations "watching" things down there, and now—the joy!—here we see a shot of the IDF doing some watching of their own.

They're smarter, though. Notice who they're watching?

Yep, that's right. Our "friends," the press.

In light of yesterday's confrontation between the IDF and the French detachment to the UN over a couple of journalists, the hand-wringing was in full force. The press needs to think about this a little harder though—They are electing voluntarily to go into a war zone, and they are actively being supportive of Hezbullah (intentionally or not) by submitting a continuous stream of positive reports about the terror group along with their endless load of anti-Israel reports.

If the press wants to present Hezbullah's side of the story as fact, that's fine. They have the right to do so. They shouldn't be surprised when the IDF recognizes their actions for what they are, and acts accordingly.

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