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A question of numbers

It's a question of numbers.
The media in the United States has a habit of over-reporting the attendance of any given liberal demonstration, and under-reporting the attendance of conservative ones. A good example of that would be the anti-war demonstration outside of the United Nations versus the pro-Israel demonstration. The former got miles of ink in every major left-leaning newspaper, and the latter was a non-event that got zero coverage.

Jeha has e-mailed an interesting link (my French is for nothin') and says that it's quite possible that the press again overestimated the attendance at Hezbullah's little block party, and reported the official figures given to them by Hezbullah without question. Loubnanouna suggests that the actual attendance was more to the order of 50,000 people, roughly equal to the group of Christian Lebanese who gathered a few days later (to a complete absence of press coverage).

Interesting, indeed. Many thanks to Jeha for sending the link!

  #Israel/Lebanon War 2006

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