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The looming Palestinian civil war

Only a complete idiot would blame Israel for this.
It would appear that Hamas and Fatah are currently fighting over who will hold all of the reins in the Palestinian Territories. Much like competing mafia groups, neither is anything remotely "democratic," so whomever ends up in control of the PLC is most likely slated to be replaced by the next mob.

This is just more proof of the obvious—Israel has nothing to do with the "destitution" of the Palestinian people. Their situation is one entirely of their own making, and will quickly be improved, once they stop supporting the crooks who do stuff like you see in this photograph.

Don't expect this little newsflash to be picked up by the myopic press any time soon, though. For the first time ever, I'm sure they're actually stretching to come up with a reason to blame Israel for this mess.

Stay tuned - I'll be collecting all of the photographs here as the day progresses.

Wire Coverage: Associated Press, Reuters, NYT/IHT, USA Today

My absolute favorite article on this story is from Wait until you find out who THEY think the villain is! (More importantly, how is "" considered a credible source to put on Yahoo! News? If they make the cut, shouldn't Snapped Shot?)

Update 13:48 EST: Disturbingly Yellow has a rather humorous take on these events.

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#1 Disturbingly Yellow 02-Oct-2006
While the security fence continues to keep out suicide bombers, Israel finds less and less reason to enter Palestinian Arab areas. With this development, Palestinians factions who were mostly comprised of peaceful grocers, botanists, and yoga instructo...
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