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Those "youths" are at it again

Since when is a riot not considered newsworthy?

"A car-burning of peace."
The Brussels Journal reported today (via FreeRepublic) that the third day of rioting in the Marollen district of Brussels commenced today, events which were sparked by the apparent murder of a Moroccan prisoner in a Brussels prison. What makes this story unusual is that so far, there has only been one report issued across the newswires (by Reuters) covering the events, and even though the rioting is entering its third day, not a single photographer has been dispatched to document the activities of the Muslim mob.

We have learned from reports in Belgium (which have been roughly translated via Babelfish) that the prisoner was apparently poisoned, and there were no external signs of injury on his body. The parents of the family, and subsequently the mob, blame the Belgian government for his death, but autopsy reports turned in so far have not been definitive. A more telling video documents some of the reported destruction, but I'm sure there's plenty there that's not covered as well.

In the riots, as reported by the Brussels Journal, stores have been firebombed, bus shelters have been demolished, cars have been set alight, and two Molotov cocktails were thrown into St. Peter's Hospital, which is "one of the main hospitals in central Brussels." Yet amongst all of this meleé, the Associated Press hasn't seen fit to send a photojournalist? Nor Reuters?

The wires' lack of interest in this story is telling, indeed.

(Story rewritten from rough initial reports, which can be viewed with the full story.)

28-Sep 07:26 EST: The Brussels Journal is reporting that things are back to normal... for now. Oddly enough, "normal" includes one torched car!Original reporting: The following is the original content of this story, which is the result of scattered information. It has been extensively rewritten into the form above for clarity's sake, but I'm preserving the original below for the record.

"Rioting? Ve haff no rioting 'ere!"
Apparently, rioting is becoming an annual Ramadan tradition. (h/t FreeRepublic). Press reports so far seem to be using the standard descriptive "youths" to whitewash the religious nature of the riots, but then again, what's surprising about that?

From the wires, we're being told that these "youths of North African origin" are rioting over the death of "an inmate" in "a jail." Reuters ought to win an award for that extremely specific reporting. A muddier picture could not possibly have been penned, by anyone.

Here is a roundup of the articles covering this so far:

Reuters: here, here, and here.

I'll be covering this as news comes in. Anyone with news, feel free to chime in!

(Oh, and as of now, there are NO images on the wire of these riots. The photo services are doing a stunning job of reporting this event, aren't they?)

Update 10:58 EST: I'm working on tracking down articles in the Belgian media which cover this event. So far, nothing related to rioting, but then again, my French could use some improvement.

Here's an article (via a rough translation) that tells of the family of the killed perp (er, "youth" in "a prison") wondering why and how he was killed. Do they blame the Belgians for it? You betcha.

And here's another article (again roughly translated) which speaks of the investigation into the prisoner's death. Rioting gets a brief mention at the end of the article, but most of the attention is drawn to the prisoner.

I'm beginning to think that nothing bad ever happens in Belgium. In fact, I think the other photograph at the paper which gave us that last story says it all. (See the top of the article.)

Update 11:07 EST: WE HAVE VIDEO! Firebombing, broken windows, groups of "youths" raging around. Nothing to see here, folks. Is Brussels heading to dhimmitude?

Is the sky blue?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Update 11:11 EST: I'm kinda curious as to what connections this store had to the prison where the perp died. Or to the government that the Mohammedans say killed him.

Such peaceful "youths."

Update 11:17 EST: That's right, Brussels. Now is obviously the best time to bash President Bush. There are obviously no problems in your own backyard.

Update 11:59 EST: LGF is on the story. Howdy, Charles!

(Somewhere around 12:30, I submitted enquiries with Reuters and the Associated Press to determine if there was some overriding editorial decision to not cover this story—I.e., some excuse that it's a "local interest" story or the like. If/when I hear back from the services, I'll be sure to post their reply/-ies here! Of course, they have plenty of time to cover other "local" stories, so you'd think they would cover this one too, right?)

Update 13:45 EST: EUReferendum ("The Brussels Experts(tm)") is weighing in on the story as well. Richard reports that riots are not exactly uncommon in that district of town, but notes that this one seems somewhat more severe than their more common fare.

Update 13:59 EST: Just noticed that Atlas Shrugs is covering this story as well.

Update 14:58 EST: Dave has some interesting thoughts on the reportage of this riot versus reportage on the typical scattering of leftists at any given California protest. Good point, Dave!

Update 16:23 EST: My day is made! Michelle Malkin noticed this story! Hi there, Michelle!

Update 17:03 EST: Just as a quick update, here's the short summary of the reply I've gotten from the news agencies:

-cheep cheep-

I'll keep you posted, but now may be a good time to stop holding my breath!

28-Sep 07:26 EST: The Brussels Journal is reporting that things are back to normal... for now. Oddly enough, "normal" includes one torched car!

Still no response from the wire agencies (no surprise there). Since things seem to be winding down over there, I suppose it's to be expected. We'll have to see if TBJ's fears of general chaos really do come true after the next Belgian election, where "right wingers" (as Ace of Spades HQ characterizes it: "Politicians who are against burning ... hospitals!") are predicted to waltz to victory.

Roundup: (Just noticed a few of you. Sorry for not linking earlier!) Freedom Folks, It Shines For all, Tammy Bruce, The Right Nation, Dust My Broom, Bizzyblog, Ace of Spades, Jersey Nut, Gates of Vienna



#1 Dave Perkins 27-Sep-2006
.... in the media about this story is just astounding.Get a hundred longhaired oddballs on a Los Angeles streetcorner to protest Bush and it makes international headlines.But when a couple of hundred young, male, aggrieved Muslims carry on rioting f
#2 Michelle Malkin 27-Sep-2006
What you're not reading about in the dhimmi MSM. I did a search on Yahoo! News for photos and--surprise--nothing comes up. More blog coverage: Brian at Snapped Shot has extensive coverage and video. Richard at EU Referendum asks: When is...
#3 Rudi 27-Sep-2006
All Belgian Newspapers reported on it. The super dhimmi belgian Pravda aka Le Soir needed 3 days to find out that the youth had some relation with Morocco.

Read also my comment on:
#4 The Right Nation 27-Sep-2006
Third Night of "Ramadan Rioting" in Bruxelles. According to The Brussels Journal, young muslims "threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsone...
#5 DR 27-Sep-2006
Only one pic? Hardly looks like a riot to me.
#6 Bizzyblog 27-Sep-2006
There have been three nights of Ramadan rioting in Brussels (HT Atlas Shrugs). Read the whole thing.
What part of The 527 Media’s agenda in America prevents reporting on this?
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin’s on it t...
#7 Brian 27-Sep-2006
That's only one screencap from the video. There are no news agencies running photographers on the ground at present, so it's kinda hard to provide more than that at present. I'm working on getting more information, though. Keep checking back! :)

#8 Dust my Broom 27-Sep-2006
In Brussels:
“What should be noticed about the riots is that they start after sunset. Besides the fact that they start after dark, it also gives the rioters enough time to break their fast and enjoy the traditional family meal. Sunset is around 7:30p...
#9 Worn 28-Sep-2006
So I watched the video. What I saw were about 50 people standing on a corner chanting (probably some inane slogan). They looked indeed to be "youths".And of course the murky (one) scene of some sort of destruction from which you post a screencap twice!

Hell, I don't know where you're from but what's on that video is hardly a "riot" - even via a charitable definition of the word. I've seen a hundred times as many unwashed peaceniks "rioting" here in Portland, OR. Don't even ask about the WTO protests that happened in Seattle around the millenium.

There really ain't nothin' to see here folks unless you're from Des Moines - then you might find the video shocking in some sad way...
#10 Brian 28-Sep-2006

I hear you - we've definitely seen worse here in the States. I still think it was a newsworthy story that deserved at least a *slight* amount of coverage.

Keep in mind, the news agencies went out of their way[1] to cover *19* (far less than 100) scalawags "protesting" at the Hart Office Building here in Washington, DC. And the AP felt the need to send *3* stringers (photographers) to cover the homecoming of a member of Hamas[2], so I really don't think that the excuse that the "riots are small" really holds that much water.



What do you think?

#11 AlwaysWatching 28-Sep-2006
We must be careful what we say we don’t want to insult the Islamic’s. And we all know they are all just peaceful loving folks. And if they must get violent then it’s not their fault. Someone else made them do it. In fact I’m pretty sure someone must have done just that, so we need to find this person, force them to apologize on their knees in public, for insulting Islamism, and then behead them for all to see and know that it was all their fault.
#12 Anonymous 28-Sep-2006

This photo in The Brussels Journal article today of the annual Muslim Ramadan rioting which is being ignored by the MSM.
#13 Tel-Chai Nation 28-Sep-2006
Europe continues to learn about the kind of Muslim customs that first began in this area of the globe.
#14 Right Voices 28-Sep-2006
And during Ramadan! You wouldn’t know it, as the MSM is not covering it, but this is the 3rd night of rioting! From Free Republic:
It looks as if immigrants youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan into an an...
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