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Brussels back to normal, for now

The Brussels Journal is reporting that everything is back to normal in Brussels for now. Oddly enough, "normal" includes one car-burning. Are we witnessing shades of France in Belgium?

Here's the coverage on the story now:
BBC, Arabic News, People's Daily, Islamic Republic News Agency, CNN

There are still no pictures of this event on the newswires, that I've been able to find. With things returning to "normal," it's likely that the major wire services will miss out on this story completely. As usual.

I've gotten a handful of e-mails informing me that these so-called "riots" might not have been covered because it was such a small event, and therefore somehow un-newsworthy. In response, I'd say that the news agencies had no problem covering 19 people protesting at the Hart Office Building, here in DC - so why is it too much to expect them to cover 100 people burning things down?

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