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The need for western ideals

I briefly mentioned this in the weekend roundup, but felt that this deserves a thread of its own.

A terrorism suspect in England evaded police and escaped capture for by disguising himself as a Muslim woman dressed in a burkha, according to the London Times.

This, of course, is not the result of some overnight mistake, or some simple police error.

Rather, what allows incidents like this to happen, is England's complete capitulation to political correctness—and in particular, to their policies towards Muslims.

The tentacles of abject political correctness have caused the police force in England to ask permission of a Muslim group before constables are allowed to raid Muslim homes in a terror investigation. They have created a Muslim police unit, and are basically demanding that only Muslims are permitted to investigate their "community." (this word, more than any other, illustrates the completely divisive nature of Political Correctness—your "race, religion or ethnicity" is NOT a community!) And finally, the Police force has transferred an officer assigned to guard the Israeli embassy, after he protested the assignment. (something which is generally grounds for dismissal, no?)

All of this occurs despite the fact that roughly 70% of Muslims polled in Britain refuse to condemn the violence committed in the name of the religion of peace.

These policies are clearly detrimental to the public safety of the British Commonwealth, but you won't find any politicians there trying to change things. Newspapers, as well, are too cowardly to suggest that these policies are suicidal. Is this a sure-fire sign that England is heading towards Dhimmitude? Or is there a Charlemange-in-waiting ready to restore the British Empire?

One can only wonder.


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