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Charles beat me to it they shout "Death to Israel"
...but check it out anyway. Lebanese-American Hezbullah fighter buried in Lebanon (at LGF). The fact that Radwan was buried in Lebanon, by a foreign terrorist entity, says all I need to know about his former loyalties. Of course, the press is expected to lionize him extensively, considering that he's an "American" of the Cindy Sheehan variety. I'll do my best to keep up with the coverage here, so be sure to check back throughout the day!

It's encouraging to see that, so far, only one wire photographer was dispatched to cover this shameless propaganda funeral. It's too bad, though, that the press can't be bothered to cover American military funerals as positively as they cover the funerals of terrorists.

Update 4-Oct 08:59 EST: We've got two photographers on this story now. Perhaps AFP was slow in submitting their photos to the wire?

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#1 Anonymous 05-Oct-2006
First of all Hezbollah are NOT terrorists, they fight for our real freedom, of course, not the freedom that Rice and Seniora wanted (becoming American puppets) CASE CLOSED. Secondly, the martyr is proudly Lebanese, we don't care about his American citizen and I'm sure he wasn't proud neither. As usual, the media dramatises the event in order to catch attention in their columns. It suits the purpose.
#2 Brian 05-Oct-2006
Actually, "Anonymous," the fact that Hezbullah [b]admitted[/b] to launching unguided rockets [b]at[/b] Israeli civilian areas is proof enough that they, in fact, [b]are terrorists[/b].

Nice to see that Nasrallah's goons are out trolling the internet this morning...
#3 a proud shia 05-Oct-2006
wrong the fact that the zionist regime invaded lebanon bombed the infrastructre and killed over 1000 people proves that the zionist are not just terrorists but a murdering regime who would love to grab the land of lebanon hezbollah won the war because they they took out the terrorists
#4 a proud saleh 05-Oct-2006
may Allah protect the south of lebanon and all the martys memory live on
#5 Brian 05-Oct-2006
You keep sending your martyrs. We'll keep sending them to their maker.
#6 mouna 05-Oct-2006
These martys of ours are proud to live and die to protect what is rightfuly theirs unlike the zionist who use force and power to steal other peoples land just as they are trying to with lebanon .
long live Hezballah to protect Lebanon cant count on our Government which is too busy kissing American and jew butts
#7 wally 06-Oct-2006
he is a hero he foughtr for the freedom pf lebanon from the occupiers
#8 Brian 06-Oct-2006
That's pretty safe to say all the way from Australia, isn't it? It's good to see that you've got *so* much concern for Lebanon that you *left*.
#9 Brian 06-Oct-2006
See 3.1
#10 longlivenasralla 16-Feb-2007
yea brian check other websites of how israel got their butts kicked by hezbollah and your in a place where you dont here or see the truth so stop BLABBING LIKE A BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#11 Brian 16-Feb-2007
HopenarallaDIES --er, I mean Longlivenasralla:

Wow, with such IMPECCABLE logic as that, I may just have to reconsider my EVIL ZIONIST ways!

Or maybe not.

Little hint to ya, Hussein: It's people like _you_ that make me say the things I say. If you would have a little bit of "communal introspection" once in a while and clean up your _own_ act, people like me would have to find _other_ things to talk about.

I've forwarded your e-mail address on to the IDF. I'm sure they'd be happy to meet you.


Brian "The Evil Zionist" L.
#12 longlivenasralla 17-Feb-2007
get bent
#13 longlivenasralla 17-Feb-2007
LOL!!!!!!!! nice one Brian lets see what the IDF will do about it when they find out the e-mail i gave you is a FAKE LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!
#14 Yo 12-Mar-2007
I think it's great that more than 650 Hezi terrorists were liquidated this summer. Lebanese officials claim that the number was over 700! Israel womped on Hezballah. The only thing holding back Israel was world opinion and their concern for Lebanese civilians. Nasrallah was hiding underground for MORE THAN 2 MONTHS after the war ended!

That guy is a true coward. The best thing about it: The dead terrorists will never spread their evil seed! It's akin to eliminating hundreds of little hitlers.

Nasrallah's blog (this is a great site, especially the pics:
#15 Ftaima 19-Mar-2007
Radwan is the ultimate hero of lebanon
he represents lebanon, the people our land, heriosm with Radwan there will be born 1000 of men just like him
#16 samira 17-Apr-2007
Radwan is the ultimate hero of lebanon
he represents lebanon, the people our land, heriosm with Radwan there will be born 10000 of men just like him
#17 samira 17-Apr-2007
ftaima ahah ysalem 7alek
#18 Brian 17-Apr-2007
Samira and Fatima,

Sounds like y'all have Nasrallah's talking points down just fine. Again, I say: Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Brian "Good Rubbish" L.
#19 Brian 04-May-2007
(Wow, I can't believe I missed #6 so long ago. Talk about being "doesn't get the bit guy!")

#20 Yarouni 14-May-2007
The sacrifices Radwan chose and many more like him is unparallel to anything else. Although we all dream of doing it, it is even harder to take that first step. He is a great hero to his lovely wife and their angelic children. I hear so many stories of his pure personality, endless love for his family and his commitment to his religon and everyone in Yaroun surely misses him. Not to forget, he is in a place and forever will be in serenity. May Allah bless thier families and may the patience be with them. FATIHA
#21 Brian 15-May-2007

I hear he's enjoying a nice, hot plate of bacon in sheol right now. Just a rumor going around on the Zionist rumor mill, of course...

#22 yarun4life 21-May-2007
Ya radwan you are brave and chased your dream its true that radwan died but he had sacrificed his life for the yaruni people.
#23 Brian 21-May-2007
I'm betting that Radwan's enjoying a nice roast pig right about now.

#24 Jaegar 22-May-2007
Nice. Very nice. Keep the comments rolling my dear islamists. Brian will keep verbally slaughtering you.
Also, please note that if you really think they are not terrorists, what exactly are they? I do not recall any armed attacks by these people, only suicide bombers and rocket attacks, against civilians. Usually freedom fighters are fighting for freedome, not "death to (you fill in the blank)" Just be glad that the israelis have some semblance of courtesy and aren't launching random rockets in return.
#25 bob 30-May-2007
Mohammed was a pedophile.
#26 Brian C. Ledbetter 30-May-2007
Wow, Bob! You definitely don't pull any punches!
#27 Anonymous 25-Jun-2007
pig in ur face ha ha ha
#28 yarouni 13-Jul-2007
look # you don't say that saied nassrallah was hidding under ground you don't make pics like that for him he acctully fought for lebenese people.israil r the ones who were hiding in people's houses and hiding under ground.from were r you loser.israil took half of yarouns you shutup cuz you don't know anything.
#29 hamzi tehfe 06-Nov-2007
first of all you haterz stop talking from ur ass us the shia the hizbollah we r down for what r country needs and if it needs my soul and blood then ill go for it but you israeli zionists like pussys hiding behind 3 meters of steel and reading the fuck out of the torah ha ha ha ha thats pathetic, we won the war,hahaha u guys didnt even get one thing out of this but kill small children and civillians. hizbollah
#30 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2007

Your high level of literacy [i]amazes[/i] me. It also explains why nothing good is currently being produced in any of the Hezbullah-dominated South Lebanon—after all, if you spend all of your attention on "destroying the Zionists," it's not likely that you'll have any energy left to do [i]useful[/i] things. You know, like [url=][i]building[/i] something[/url] or maybe feeding your families with food [i]you[/i] produced?

You may [i]think[/i] you've won, but the fact that Sheikh Hassan "The Hoss" Nasrallah is still hiding out in his wittle bunkers says all I need to know about your "divine victory."

Good day, loser. اذهب يستغل نفسك.

#31 Brian C. Ledbetter 06-Nov-2007
(It's also interesting to note that ol' Hamzi wrote his little shpiel from the [i]ever-dangerous[/i] California. Whadda you know, the [i]über-jihadi[/i] that he is, he can't even be bothered to [i]live in Lebanon[/i]. Typical jihadi cowardice.)
#32 hamzi. 16-Nov-2007

thank you speaking of high level of literacy huh wow it did amaze you,but now a days its hard for people like you to see the truth you have so much trash to think of you cant even think of whats right, did you see george gallaways speaches dont forget he is a british citizen in the congress and has been pre-viewed on many tv stations world wide no one could stand up to him and prove him wrong. god bless you
#33 Brian C. Ledbetter 19-Nov-2007
Looks like somebody needs to look up the definition of "sarcasm" in the dictionary. Or heck, let me say it a little bit more obviously:

أنت معتوه

While you're at it, you might want to find out what the difference between being a member of Parliament and being a member of the United States Congress is. It'd be a good idea to start with finding out in which country each office is.


بشكل هازئ,
#34 Alejandro F 20-Nov-2007
Ok Mr. Ignorant, Hizbollah heros that died in the war were max. 400 members for ur information. and its nothing compared to the powerful and big Israel. And for ur information, the Israeli soldiers killed were more than 1500 pigs.And the soldiers that israel has bought from S Africa and Latin America,, when they die whos gonna grief for them?And Mr. Ignorant , leme tell yousomething. Hizbollah is a great group, Lebanese civilians love them, and Nasrallah is not scared from you to be hiding, and dont belive anything u hear because theyre all lies.Leme tell you why ppl love hizbolla, theyre not terrorits, they dont kill innocent children unlike Israel did. Hizbollahs are the protectors of Lebanon. This is why Israelis r sad, because they dont want lebanon to be protected, they want to occupy it to control it themselves.
#35 Brian C. Ledbetter 20-Nov-2007

According to you, 400 Hezbullah militants killed. Everything else I've read pegs that number at about 250—though I've long suspected the number was closer to 1,000, considering how deeply-entrenched Hezbullah is in southern Lebanon.

In contrast, only 150 Israeli soldiers were killed. And Hezbullah? Even the [i]extremely[/i] anti-Israel Human Rights Watch says that y'all launched missiles at children.

Sorry, you lose.

Oh, and I'll say it again: The fact that Sheikh Hassan "The Has" Nasrallah is still [b]hiding in his little bunkers[/b] says all I need to know about your "victory."

That's right: You're still a loser. LO-SER.

نصرالله هو خنزير
#36 armando gonzales 03-Dec-2007
eyyy wassup hey brian c. shut the f**k up homie the day of judgment is near. the imam mehdi is almost out. and iran is ready homiee yaa nuclear power they have everything like my nigga ahmad najadi said we will wipe israel off the cant even pull there leg from iraq and they r not even fighting an well organized army just street the push of a button booom bye bye israel....he did sharoon die or is he still in the freezer.
#37 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Dec-2007
Armando/Alejandro/Los Angeles scumbucket, killa-lovin', Israel-hatin' cave dweller:

الاول تبول علي مهدي الخاص بك ، والتغوط علي نصرالله.

Oh, and boy, won't [i]you[/i] feel like a silly goose when you run into Jesus "Isa the Almighty" Christ sitting up there on the Judgement Seat?

Good times.

يستغل لكم مرة اخرى
#38 alejandro israel 04-Dec-2007
your watching to much cartoon son and the translator sucks cuz i cant read 1 word from jews killed almighty issa which is our prophet peace be upon him how can a man be a god wtf......the kkk shouldnve finished on ur asses but its all good its always good too have some trash somewhere incase it gets cold will burn the trash just like how rip hitler we all love u hitler
#39 Anonymous 04-Dec-2007
#40 Brian C. Ledbetter 14-Dec-2007
Allow me to reiterate:

#41 alejandro israel 17-Dec-2007
hahaha...........that cowards braveness beat the israeli war in june 2006....loozer.......hey wheres aerial sharoon is he in the fridge....haha he is probably yellow skinned and boney yuck!!!!!!!and stinks like a pig
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