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From the Associated Press, Orthodox Priest Beheaded In Iraq

The priest's son had apparently been talking with the kidnappers by phone, and had agreed to pay a $40,000 ransom. But contact abruptly ceased Tuesday night. The priest's decapitated body was found Wednesday in the northern Iraq city of Mosul.

Since the start of the Muslim holy month, U.S. officials in Baghdad said the number of attacks there is up by 15 percent.

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said Ramadan "historically" brings more violence. And Caldwell warned that the military is assuming "it will still get worse before it gets better." He's anticipating a continued increase in violence over the next two weeks, until the holy month ends.

This is becoming more true every day.
How appropriate is it that the sub-headline for this article is Bush Disputes Death Toll? I'm not sure if that's an NBC concoction or if it's in the original wire report, but whoever put it there is pretty sick.

Update: I'm finding the same sub-heading on every copy of this wire report that I've run across. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS IS SHAMELESS!,

Even Al Jazeera's coverage didn't stoop as low as Al-Associated Press.

This is pretty sickening. Why would the AP decide to politicize such a horrific event by linking President Bush to the story, when he has nothing to do with it?

Update Update: Maybe I'm overreacting here. Is this possibly a creation of NBC? The subheading seems to only appear on NBC websites...

Update Again: It's not just NBC. Here's a FOX affiliate who carries the same text, verbatim. It appears that the AP appended the "Bush Doubts" article to the end of the report of the Priest's horrific death, which is pretty inexcusable. Memo to the AP: Your credibility depends on your being able to separate your politics from your reporting!


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