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Divine marketing agency?

Divine marketing agency?
It seems that, far from being media neophytes, Hezbullah contracted with a marketing firm to the tune of $140,000 to come up with their "DIVINE VICTORY" propaganda push marketing campaign.

Anyone know which advertising agency was responsible for this? It'd be interesting to find out, at the very least. If it was an international firm, my bet's on it based out of Londonistan. We can almost certainly rule out a US-based firm, as Hezbullah is still considered a terrorist organization.

Of course, there's nothing new about marketing agencies taking sides in international conflict. The United States Army just updated its ads with the help of such an advertising firm. What's intriguing is that this is possibly one of the first times that an un-affiliated insurgent group went through the trouble of brining a firm in. (I suspect the PLO did this as well, but don't have anything concrete to back that up other than hints dropped in reports of Arafat's billions...)

Update: Found out that this isn't exactly new news. According to Adam Ash, the agency responsible for this mess is Idea Creation, a Beirut-based firm.

Curses, foiled again!