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Lebanon part Deux? Or, Israel vs. Syria!

I assume these are non-Zionist kids?
IT seems that Israel may be planning to go after Hezbullah's enablers in Syria (h/t FR and Larwyn). This ought to inspire a sleepless night or two for Bashar Assad... though it will be interesting to see if Iran is dragged into the war or not.

Most interestingly, we learn from the JPost that, "Israel's response to a Syrian attack will be nothing like," the war in Lebanon, but will rather be "harsher, fiercer and far deadlier."

Bring it on, good sirs. You have my support in clearing out that nest of vipers!

Update 16:02 EST: Then again, according to Ha'aretz, Assad may be willing to enter into a peace deal. Of course, this is with the typical disclaimer, "provided that 'an impartial arbiter' could be found." To someone such as myself, that sounds oddly enough like an excuse to reject anyone who tries to broker a deal, so I wouldn't expect Syria to be signing any treaties anytime soon.

Expect the Hudna to continue, either way.

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