The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Did I call that right

or what? Even the ineffective Olmert knows a farce when he sees one!

Israel has brushed off the Syrian president's recent calls to restart peace talks as a ploy by Bashar Assad to deflect international pressure from his increasingly isolated regime.

Interesting to note that Israel's domestic enemies leftists are condemning Olmert for, "making a major mistake in ignoring even a slim chance to pursue peace with one of his country's most implacable enemies."

No matter which way you lean, you just can't seem to win, eh Ehud?

Of course, one of the "some" in Israel who are quoted in this article is reporter Tom Segev. Lord knows reporters aren't exactly the brightest of the bunch, nor are they the most considerate of Israel's safety. If leftist pantie-waists are complaining about it, maybe Ehud's remarks did have the intended effect after all...

In the mean time, I forgot to mention some of the concerns that Larwin pointed out yesterday—namely, that Syria is being secretly backed by the Russians, the Chinese, and our eternal "allies," the French. Details, again, are at American Thinker. I'm not sure that it's an entirely accurate take on things: I mean, considering that France created Lebanon, I can understand there being a large French contingent in rebuilding it, but it is curious nonetheless to note that our enemies continue to line up against us wherever they can.

Maybe Mark Steyn is right.


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