The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

But it's a POOR rocket launcher!

I have a close friend that just accidentally happens to be a liberal. (Hi Mike!) It's okay, of course, as that's to be expected from a Canadian, eh?


In any case, to continue my story, Mike once told me that terrorism is the result of oppression, and that if only Arabs weren't so poor, they wouldn't be so willing to be deadly.

To anyone who holds this viewpoint, I'd like to ask what could possibly motivate people in the following video to do what they do, and what possible justification you can use to come up with it.

To a stinky ol' conservative like me, there just isn't any 'scuse for it. It's one thing to shoot off the ol' potato gun in an empty field, but to fire a homemade rocket in a densely-populated city? Not so much an "artistic" expression. (Thanks to Charles for pointing this little vid out.)



#1 captainfish 23-Oct-2006
Shoot yeah!!
Not about being poor. Rockets are not cheap. Think of how much bread that could have bought.

Give them more money and they will buy more rockets (weapons) with it. No one who is GIVEN money ever changes their ways or learns to appreciate it, least of all terrorists. (why are we even giving people who hate us money??!?!?!)
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