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Telegraph misses by a mile

Yup, this is all the "cultural exchange" I needed.
... blogger as surprised as he is by the sun rising.

Ok, so if you were to read the title, "Muslims can never conform to our ways," what would be the first thing that comes to your mind?

Me, I see a title like that, and I start thinking to myself that, perhaps, the Government of the United Kingdom is reconsidering its multicultural policies, and is looking to strenghten its ties to the Empire's glorious past.

Sadly, upon reading the article, I recalled that modern governments work on a completely different planet than the one I occupy, along with their sycophantic journalist supporters. (Sorry guys, I'm not in the mood to put that any more nicely right now...)

So, what is the reality of what this garbage article is trying to say? Well, that the English should become more like Muslims. After all, according to the Telegraph, Muslims are apparently not smart enough to understand English customs.

That harsh aspect of Islam is no help at all to relationships here. We see an example of it in the death sentence handed down on a British subject, Mirza Tahir Hussain, in Pakistan that so concerns the Prince of Wales. That was the decision of a religious court. I say all this not in hostility to Muslims, but because, unless we get a clearer understanding of their religion [Ed.: See above image.], we shall find peaceful co-existence with the moderate majority (which is crucial) ever harder to attain.
It is vain [Ed.: IS it? Isn't that called SANE immigration policy??] to say: "Well, if they come here, they must conform with British society and its easy ways." Muslims will not do that. Their religion forbids it.
[Ed.: Forgive me for interjecting, but you can see in the above passage why I hate modern liberalism. We're expected, as the West, to absorb immigrants from countries that hate us, but we're forbidden from demanding that they bother to learn our customs. LIBERALISM IS A DISEASE.]
What is never going to work is telling followers of Islam here: "You must conform to our ways!"

England is doomed.



#1 captainfish 23-Oct-2006
Amen to that. When a country allows anyone and everyone into their lands and refuses to make those people abide by its laws, norms, morals, and customs, it is the country that is changed. Freedom is a simple and grandiose ideal that all before now have striven to encorporate into their lives. But now, those ideals are seen as the evil that needs to be changed. And what makes this all even worse.... are the members in these "free" countries that refuse to fight to maintain that idea of freedom.
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