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International Outrage Committee

Word's come in (thanks, Larwyn!) that the Religion of Peace (and outrage!!) is upset over the fact that 2012's Olympics, scheduled to meet in London, will coincide with Ramadan on the Islamic calendar. Western liberals are gnashing their teeth at the thought of putting those poor, helpless Muslims at a disadvantage, without bothering to take a moment to consider that, under traditional Islamic jursiprudence, those who are traveling, or are otherwise unable to observe Ramadan formally, are excused from doing so! (Sweetness & Light has more.)

Of course, the extremists in the Muslim world aren't generally inclined to acknowledge Western "logic," but would rather continue to undermine our existence.

It's nice to see, though, that the Western world might be preparing to fight back against this constant whining from the Constant Underdogs. Upon learning that there were plans to build a mega-mosque for the London Olympics, some groups are now protesting, pointing out the obvious fact that it is illegal to build any churches in most Muslim countries (i.e., Saudi Arabia). Reciprocate by building large church (and allowing open worship there) within Saudi Arabia, and everything's okay? I'm not so sure, but it's a good start.


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