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Dictatorship Shot of the Day

Ronery Kim sings, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine."
First, Check out this beautifully-produced North Korean video, which proclaims that Kim Jong-Il is the "Sun of the 21st Century," and decries American imperialism as being the root of all evil. Also notice how militaristic Generalissimo Kim's society is in this video, produced by the same South Koreans, and ponder over when the last time you saw anything like that in the United States.

(I'm going to take a moment and reflect on irony of the fact that "The Sun" is completely unable to provide basic necessities, such as "electricity" and "light," to his nation!)

Next, check out this excellent article from Rick Ross, who brilliantly exposes the extent to which Generalissimo Kim brainwashes his populace.

In closing, allow me to gleefully point out that North Korea is a genuine dictatorship. The United States? Still 100% safe from dictatorship here.

And so, the education of buffoons rolls on.



#1 Sticky Notes 16-Oct-2006
I guess the hat covers all that poofy hair.
#2 Brian 16-Oct-2006
Snork. Good one! :)
#3 Clayton 24-Oct-2007
WOW is that democratic underground site filled with douchefags
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